My Role:
Web Design

Allianz Worldwide Partners 

Site redesign and new IA:

Allianz Worldwide Partners is a global leader in consumer specialty insurance, specializing in travel insurance, event ticketing protection, tuition insurance, and assistance services.


The Challenge: Taking on the complete redesign of large corporate site was a task that included redefining the IA, user experience and visual design. With a small creative team at AWP USA, we worked to evolve their existing brand to humanize travel insurance. The old site was not responsive with a less than stellar experience.

The Outcome: 
- Allowing for more white space, utlitzing warmer tones, more emotial images and a typographic rhythm we created a modern aesthetic and consistency across the site. 
- A fully responsive site
- Bringing together a library of articles and press releases under one roof allows AGA to tell it's complete story under one roof.


1. Identify User Needs

2. Sketch & Wireframe

3. Low & High Fidelity Mockups

4. Meet with stakeholders and iterate

the previous old and out of date Allianz Global Assistance home page

A couple examples of wireframes for the new site:

Allianz Global Assistance wireframe design
Allianz Global Assistance wireframe design

Final designs for the launch of the site:

the newly redesigned home page for Allianz Global Assistance
Allianz corporate site interior pages

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