My Role:
Web Design, UX Design

Allianz Global Tuition

Designing with a new product from the ground up.

I was an integral part of the Allianz Tuition design team for Allianz Global Tuition. The project had high expectations from various business stakeholders and required great care in building the AI, user experience and flow. The entire site and the designs below were created by the team at Allianz which included myself, another designer, a creative director, a developer and copywriter.

The Challenge:
- Being somewhat new on the market, most consumers are unaware of tuition insurance and its possibilities.
- Multiple user personas and flows. For example: One, the parent or student who is looking to insure there time at a college or university may be getting their first taste of tuition insurance or looking to purchase. Two, people working in higher education will be using the site to gather information. 
- A delightful experience on mobile and larger screens was imperative. We believed that we would have equal portions of users. 

The Outcome:
- Taking user case studies gathered from the team, we moved from sketching and wireframing to high-fidelity mockups in a relatively short time—as shipping fast was crucial.
- We created a visual style guide that would help us to keep our designs consistent. This would also serve as a tool for the developer after handoff.  The style guide included:

  • color pallette
  • form fields
  • image styles
  • button styles

- During our design production phase, we regularly presented our progress to stakeholders to ensure that each camp's concerns were being heard while championing the user's experience. 
- Partly due to the success of the site, Allianz Tuition has seen incredible sales this year and continues to dominate this space. 
View the live site.



1. Research

2. Information Architecture

3. Sketch & Wireframe

4. Meet with Stakeholders

5. Low & High Fidelity Mockups

6. Iterate & User Test

AGA Tuition brainstorming and information architecture board

Above: Working out the IA with the team.

Style Guide for Allianz Tuition site

Above: Part of the style guide created for the project.

wireframe mockups for tuition insurance site by Allianz Global Assistance
Allianz Global Assistance tuition insurance site wireframe mockups
Allianz Tuition home page design
Allianz Global Assistance tuition site design
Allianz Global Assistance tuition site design
Allianz Global Assistance UI tooltip design

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