My Role:
Branding, Design

Real Richmond

Real Richmond Food Tours was at a crossroads in their successful mission to help revolutionize Richmond, Virginia's food scene. They are unique among their competitor's for their longevity and breadth of service while continuing to stay up to date on the latest trends in the regional culinary community.

The challenge: 
1. Distinguish them from their competitors by providing them with a clean and upscale "feel". It should be noted that the old branding was a bit cluttered and did not particularly speak to their stake in Richmond or its food scene.
2. The logo will most likely need to be read clearly from a distance or on a small piece of marketing material. 

The Outcome:
For these reasons, I aimed for a modern and clean aesthetic for the rebrand. As you see from the first image here, after sketching I had a significant "digital exploratory" phase before meeting with the stakeholders and then creating the final iterations. 


1. Market Research

2. Sketch

3. Low/High Fidelity Mockups

4. Meet with client

5. Iterate

Real Richmond branding concepts and brainstorming
Real Richmond branding and stationary work
final branding concepts for Real Richmond

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